Who is burton cummings dating updating the who guidelines on community noise

When Andrew is killed, Sam is nearly sent to jail until Alicia is arrested for the murder.Sam is released, and she and Jason return to Port Charles.Sam then has an affair with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), who is married, and becomes pregnant.His best friend Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) claims to be the child's father to keep Sonny's family together.

to a 16-year-old Alexis Davidovitch (Nancy Lee Grahn).

When Sam is 17, she tracks down Evelyn in Bailey's Beach, South Carolina and is shocked to find Danny locked in the basement.

When Sam helps Danny escape, he accidentally knocks a candle over that burns down the house, not knowing Evelyn was inside.

As Sam settles back into her life, Manny Ruiz (Robert La Sardo) began stalking her.

When several Port Charles residents are infected by the encephalitis plague, Danny dies; Sam blames Alexis since she received the last antidote over Danny.

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