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The center was overcrowed, and there was no bunks, so much of the troops where left to the tents, in an open area of the compound,6 or 7 men died that night, so many wounded. Morris Goldberg Name: Joseph Pfister, Dec 28, 2001 URL: Comments: I got in-country December 1969 and was attached with day flight Base Police. As it was, one aircraft lost the tail section and another had a hole in the wing, so they swapped tails to get one flyable aircraft.

I was later reassigned to the 69th Consolidated Military Support Squadron (MACV), working out of a house at 181 Tru Minh ky, Saigon. Often wonder how the maintenance guys kept the books straight.

When Chi got back I asked her what all the commotion was about and she translated what the cab driver said, that we have to be careful because there were a lot of VC moving around at night. " We went to her sister-in-laws house whose husband was a Vietnamese Navy officer who patrolled the Mekong and he told me in English, that the VC can get the kakis but they can't get the boots, so if you see kakis with sandals, chances are they are VC. The day came for my discharge in VN and I got a letter of permission from the first Sargeant to stay in the barracks until my flight came in.

I went to Saigon and had some civilian clothes order made at a Chinese Taylor to take to Japan with me.

I could no longer see any military nor White Mice (VN police).

I kept telling him Tan Son Nhut and he was trying to distract me asking if I wanted "number one girl." He pulled up and stopped on a little island surounded by rice paddies and there was a building there and only two trees standing.

I was on mid shift and both of the birds came back without any pilot write-ups (highly unusual as something was always out of wack and needed attention). came along and checked the forms and finding no write-ups said I could "make my break," also unusual since they usually wanted us to stay until the replacements came at the next shift that ended at midnight.

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We were young, in excellent shape, and never so alive as we were being so close to death. It definitely makes me feel that someone appreciates us. Queen, Dec 08, 2001 URL: Comments: Greetings, I was surprised to find this Web page, but glad to see that it exists. Name: Bill Marras, Dec 07, 2001 URL: Comments: My name is Bill Marras, I was at Tan Son Nhut from July 1966 to June 1967, I believe, have to check my DD214 for the exact dates.

We were there in April 1966 for the first attack on TSN where all three of our Blue Eagle aircraft were damaged on the flight line. I returned for three more flight tours 1967 - 1969, but these were flying airborne PSYOPS radio broadcast missions for SOG out of Da Nang, although I frequently visited our main offices at TSN.

Photos of the Blue Eagle aircraft at TSN and Da Nang are shown at the URL in my signature block below. Project Jenny / VXN-8 Det WESTPACAirborne Radio/TV Broadcast via NC121J aircraft Blue Eagle III (131641) / Saigon 66 / AFVN-THVN TV Blue Eagle I (131627) / Da Nang 67-69 / PSYOPS Radio Bill Katsones, Dec 21, 2001 URL: Comments: Please post this picture that was taken the same night Ralph Ward's picture(already posted) was taken.

I had heard the rumors that went around of VCs posing as cab drivers to pick up a GI to get information before an attack, and that was all I needed was to make it through the Viet Nam War, and then get captured while I was a civilian.

Just then another cab pulls up going in the opposite direction, a young girl in Ao Dai gets out and pays the cabbie, I grab my stuff and run over to the cab and jump in and repeated VC, VC! Army MP about the incident, but never got the guy's license number so, there was nothing he could do.

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