Protestant interracial dating

Somehow I did not remember the historians making this argument.

But it had been a while since I had opened those books and so I decided to go back and take a look.

Sometimes it refers to ways Christians oppose interracial marriage.

For example, President Truman articulated that he believed that interracial marriage was inconsistent with the Bible.

He does not merely look at Christians but also looks at the issues of Jews.

For Jews this issue is not as much an opposition to interracial marriage as much as it is an opposition to interfaith marriage.

Reading this book does not provide one with the sense that Christianity was an overwhelming factor in opposition to interracial marriage.The implication of this argument is that just as today there are few people, religious or otherwise, who oppose interracial marriage that in the future this will be the same as we realize that the same religious foolishness that opposed interracial marriages will be recognized as foolishness in the same-sex marriage debate.When I used to do research on interracial marriage, I read a good number of academic books on the history of interracial marriage.I searched the index in vain for references to religion, Christianity, Catholics etc.As I thumbed through the book, it seemed that there was more of a focus on notions of racial purity but very little, if any, on religious regulation of interracial marriage.

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