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Sulkin mentions a few storylines that will soon embroil the Griffin family: Quagmire's sister will appear in an episode about domestic abuse ("trust me, we'll make it funny") and Lois will battle a high school rival who will soon be a recurring character on the show.

The Griffins might also take a tour of Amish country, Sulkin hints.

"It would make major money for Fox so I'm not sure why they wouldn't do it." Sulkin's association with Family Guy is not the main reason his name has been bandied about in celeb circles recently.

Search for his name on Google and you'll likely see dozens of stories linking him to a certain potty-mouthed comedian.

This is the second season as a writing team for Sulkin and Sharpe — both part of Seth Mac Farlane’s cadre of writers.

Los Angeles - One of the comedic brains behind the popular animated series Family Guy gives Digital a peek behind the curtain to unveil the truth behind Fox's censors, his thoughts on Sarah Palin's criticism of the show and rumours of a Family Guy film.

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He might be billed as a writer or co-executive producer.

I hope it's on the air for a long time." "Not that I know of," Sulkin reveals.

"Those kind of decisions are made in a different office." Sulkin says it's a hot discussion topic with colleagues, and he believes the film will be a reality at some point.

Also, Sulkin finds it strange Family Guy can't include sexual innuendo statements, such as "doing it", but can then portray steamy make-out sessions that lead to implied sex.

"Or we can call someone a dirty Jew, and it's OK by Fox standards," Sulkin adds.

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