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I’m talking answering with all the stability and emotional control you’ve, because you’re a good and sensible person. You have to know that there may be a mismatch of value between you and that person. And it’s all because they look back and disregard the fact that a better future with someone more awesome exists. I personally recognize my pain, and I know I don’t want any of that. I’m friends with them only when I know I’m totally fine and ready. Which is kind of annoying because it means you’ve to wait, all in your shitty state. Totally not douchey, sexy and not sexist, check out what they have to say! Because I know who I am, I blame no one, and take responsibility for my part in things — even if its something simple like “Welll, I put up with a crazy person and ignored the warning signs — my bad.” 😀I’m Benjamin, a Swagger Coach, video artist, and adventurer.

If you aren’t, I suggest concentrating on recovery and moving forward. The way I like to see time healing us all is this: Ask yourself, how do you forget something? — straight up, life has shitty moments, and break-ups usually fit. Some of us are great at break-ups (ME : P), some of us aren’t so great. I’ve hitchhiked over 22,000 miles, slept alone under the stars for hundreds of nights, and spent thousands of hours counseling the “bad” kids that got kicked out of school.

I’d love to say that once you end it, you’ll feel better, but it takes a while to heal. Sometimes couples go in different directions or that initial chemistry fades away. You have to take care of yourself, even if it means breaking your own heart. I made the tragic mistake of not talking to my friends and family before ending the relationship. Let your friends and/or family know what’s going on and have at least one person you can talk to before ending things. I knew if I did, I might do something stupid like get back together. After several days, I went out to dinner with them. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and hopes to have her first novel out soon.

In the meantime, there are some ways to cope a little easier. Either way, the relationship’s just not working anymore. Is crying yourself to sleep at night really what’s best? You need support before and after to make sure you’re not going through this alone. I know it’s hard to think about life after the breakup. Of course, even seeing him in passing hurt like hell. I’m not saying you should throw anything away, but take down any pictures of him and put any special gifts in a box in your closet. I wasn’t the happiest person in the world, but it helped having them around.

Hope is something which should be steadfast and offer a preview of a brighter future (growing stronger and meeting someone better) and not the carrot which dangles in front of you (totally false hope, getting back together for sex only, drunk calling/texting, short-lived patching back etc). You create new memories to replace the old, or at least let it fade. Just keep living, doing new things and start living an epic life. Uuntangling two people who’ve blended their lives can suck. Ask yourself, do you wanna walk around earth being too lame to express your feelings, handle other people’s choices, and X — ORRRR do you want the practice? Do you wanna be badass enough to come off looking and feeling classy during dark break-up times? Especially if you just had your heart shredded into pieces.

2) Distract the hell out of yourself Tried, tired but true advice. Post-breakup trauma leaves you a collection of crappy feelings which makes you feel hopeless. Start small, with the steps above.[tweetherder] Get off your ass and don’t wait for time.[/tweetherder] Life isn’t meant for us to feel depressed about and feeling sad all the time over someone else. Just the act of being away from your city, away from your home, and away from your ex can help you see the vast possibilities the world offers.

The one thing I did right was think about what to do right after to help me heal. Avoid checking up on him on Facebook or hanging out in the same places. Set a time in the distant future to talk about that. Either you’ll hook back up and break up again or you’ll end up hating each other. I still have gifts my ex gave me, but at first, I put them all out of sight.

It's been a fun ride with these two -- we've seen them put on the ultimate PDA in just about every damn setting you could imagine ... Selena received a kidney from her BFF this summer, and The Weeknd was around to support her at the time. Selena and Justin have been spending A LOT of time together recently, sans Abel.

You can plan a vacation, meet with friends, or just take a few days off from work.

Just set aside some time to handle that first wave of emotion. I hate to cry, but I bawled my eyes out when I broke up with the guy I was in love with. I couldn’t even get the “we need to talk” out without my voice cracking.

Or at least for the first time in my life I felt the highest sense of romance and emotions that combined to give me what I thought was love. When the breakup happened, all of that disappeared. That’s why the first breakup always sucks the most. Things that used to amuse you or make you go, “Wow! A breakup is hard, but it’s not the end of life and there’re things you can do for yourself to make it that much easier. The pain is already there and wondering about it is going to be a waste of time. You did after all, just go through a heartfelt relationship with someone you taught you love, and only you know how special that was.

We were going to get married and we started laughing as we came up with stupid names for our kids. And there was no possibility of them being revived ever again. Forget about feeling so low in life; life isn’t meant for you to feel so sad or even depressed. That means to say, don’t be asking why does it hurt so much or what did you do to deserve such pain.

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