Internet dating idiots

Women are mostly tramps and men are often idiots or pimp-types.

Seen today, it might shock viewers who have no idea that films from about 1930 to mid 1934 were often wild and espoused a very loose sort of morality!

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Hopefully the comments will help further educate us all 1. With these changes the fastest players were now able to make money simply because they were the fastest traders. They realized they could make money on what is called Latency Arbitrage.Fingers is planning a half-million-dollar bank robbery in gang boss Cobra Collins' territory.Fingers' moll Connie tries to bluff Cobra into thinking the hit won't be for another week when the call comes through saying it's now. Whenever Bucker gets the urge to marry, which is often, Gunner will hit on his girl to see if she is true or not. But one night, while Gunner is in jail, Bucker meets Mary, a tough dame with a line. But Mary is already a gal pal of Gunner, and no two know about the third one.When Bucker meets Mary (Mae Clark), he believes all the ridiculous lies that she hands him to get his money and soon he believes he and Mary are going to become husband and wife.But while she's dating Bucker, she's also hanging with Gunner---and she's more than willing to have both men at the same time and bleed Bucker dry.

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