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April tried to get bottled water banned in Summer Bay with Xavier's help and she stole chemicals from the high school as a form of protest.

When April doubts her abilities and begins to write her assignments over and over, she is diagnosed with OCD.

However, Bianca realises he has done the right thing in telling her.

Gormley said "Initially [Bianca] doesn't believe it, because April isn't that kind of girl.

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April has travelled the world and has become independent and wise beyond her years because of it.

She started off as this kind of boring, standard schoolgirl, and then I got to do the whole OCD storyline, and now...she's really changing and growing up, which is really fun, to stick to the character as they do that." April and her sister, Bianca (Lisa Gormley), share a mother, Joanna (Tara Morice), but they have different fathers.

April's father is French, while Bianca's is Italian.

As soon as she points out he's doing something bad to the environment he leaps off the pier and gets the pictures out.

She likes what she sees." Xavier and April eventually begin a relationship.

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