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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ am/pm: 4 drops (total) of an endocrine blend – on THYROID, fleshy pads of THUMBS & Big TOES, around ANKLES pm:2 drops CYPRESS essential oil on THYROID rather than Endo Flex ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Most recently I’ve come across the suggestion for pituitary support (supporting one’s whole endocrine system) to use pm: 1-2 drops CARROT essential oil of MYRRH essential oil in the early morning.We’re interested in learning from YOUR experiences, too.Further education, research, and experimentation have lead to these 3 different dosage routines for my thyroid health, varying the one I use according to my current preferences: am: 2 drops THYMERL™ – on Thyroid & fleshy pads of THUMBS pm: 2 drops GERANIUM essential oil – fleshy pads of Big TOES & around ANKLES ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ am: 1-2 drops CARROT essential oil under my tongue ’til 1-2 drops THYMERL™ on fleshy pads of THUMBS & Big TOES to affect the pituitary (master endocrine system) gland.

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OR from sources of your choice as long as the essential oils offered are of therapeutic-quality conforming to AFNOR, OC, EC cultivation, harvest, & production standards.I’ve been using a variety of essential oils (EOs) for thyroid/endocrine support this past year with good results.Plan on using therapeutic essential oils/ endocrine support blends consistently for a 30-to-90 day period, long enough to get clear results.OR check out our Gaia’s Pharmacopeia Shoppe where you may purchase custom blends for endocrine support and healthy thyroid function: · Achilles Heal™ A synergistic blend of , including Clove & Helichrysum.This blend may be used to relieve age-related HYPERPLASIA (prostate inflammation) supporting prostate health with regular morning & evening use.

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