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This great app serves as your ski companion by recording a swatch of metrics about your runs from speed to distance to altitude. Art Card is a great app to get you in the holiday mood. You can add falling snow to your pictures, along with other effects, and color them to your liking.The School of Life is a free app that allows you to view the organization's articles and videos easily on your i Phone all in one place.The sequel to one of the best calculators in the app world, My Script Calculator 2 allows you to write calculations with your fingers and the app automatically translates your handwriting and gives you the results of your equation. This fun keyboard app lets you translate yourself into a cartoon emoji and send those emojis to your friends via any apps that support third-party keyboards.Fun and with lots of customizations, it’s a must for emoji fans.

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The app features top stories and sections for both UK and global events, an unreal amount of football coverage, and--kind of oddly--a gossip column.

I normally don’t add airline apps to this list, but I’ll break that this week by saying Delta is probably the best app from any airline out there.

Hands down the best feature of the app is the ability to track your baggage–you can see what happens to it after you drop it off at baggage check–including seeing when it was loaded onto your plane, giving you piece of mind that your bags aren’t being sent somewhere else.

Use this app to follow all our Team GB athletes as they compete in the greatest sport games of the world.

The app features a daily Olympic Games calendar complete with sport-by-sport breakdown of when athletes will be in action–and gives you the time in UK times.

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