Sccm update distribution point not updating wall street journal dating service

Unlike doing an update of a package, refreshing will keep the previous source version.If a Distribution Point in System Center Configuration Manager has failed packages it probably has a cause and resending the packages might not be the right solution to the problem.Lets first talk about Updating a Distribution Point: Here’s a scenario: You have created a new package for an application in which you have changed some source files.

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SCCM will increment the package source version by 1.lab.lcl”]MSWNET:[“SMS_SITE=S01″]\SERVER01lcl’ AND (State = 2 OR state = 3)” At line:1 char:23 $Failed Packages = Get-Wmi Object -Namespace “root SMSSite_$Site Code” -Query … Get Wmi Object Command Problem is that the Server NALPath Contains brackets “[]” which tells WQL to look for one of the chars between the brackets and that won’t find what I want.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Category Info : Invalid Argument: (:) [Get-Wmi Object], Management Exception Fully Qualified Error Id : Get WMIManagement Exception, Microsoft. The solution to this is to surround the [-char with brackets like this: “[[]” telling WQL to look for any on the chars “[“, which is just one char.To solve this we’ll also have to escape each with a .Both of these operations is easily done in Power Shell by using the replace operator on the $Server Nal Path:$Server Nal Path = $Distribution Point.

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