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have sought to capitalise on the behind-the-scenes tantrums and manipulative production techniques involved in these shows, you can't argue that we, as viewers are to blame.All you need for proof is a Twitter account in order to see how much conversation (and hand-wringing) these shows generate online.” A lot of Chinese people in Australia are asked about the show by locals.“Hey, you know that the show from your country, 'If You Are the One!? ” In fact, the program was originally a spin off of an Australian dating show called “Taken Out.” “Taken Out,” was first broadcast in 2008, but was canceled after only a month due to poor ratings.Most Aussies couldn't care less about a stupid Chinese dating show. Jun 05, 2015 Why such a bitter person about 4% of the people that are overflowing Australia? A trash show turned into a freak show after changing the performers into chinese, that does deserve a couple of good laughs. Jun 04, 2015 I knew a guy who went on it once too.The only people who watch it are Chinese Australians. I am just waiting for your "i'm not racist but...." comment. I wouldn't tell you either way, as it isn't important but i am very well connected with Australia. Australian media said, “The episode is 40 minutes of kitsch, full of incredible sound and stage design and crazy lighting effects, as well as ultra-bad 90s fashion. lol Jun 04, 2015 It's basically like Jerry Springer... Jun 04, 2015 To be fair, I think Australians also probably think that it is funny because this behavior isn't part of their day to day life. He craeted this huge fake life for himself to show that he IS NOT A TEACHER OR LIVING IN A LOFT ON TOP OF A BAR.Australians hated “Taken Out.” They thought that the program and the guests were boring, and that the host was annoying. The show rose to popularity overnight in Australia.

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a trashy show that you can't stop watching because of how ridiculous it is... He was a guy from England and didn't make it past the second round. If people are this greedy, stupid, and shallow in the West, they are at least smart enough to hide it. I think he claimed he was this business manager or something. Jun 05, 2015 It's like the shows of Chinese peasants jumping out of trees and karate chopping Japanese "devils" who explode in a gib shower. At least there is intelligent programming in the US.

They all hated him because they thought he was too goofy as an ESL teacher, teaching children. I used to think it was funny when Chinese just talked like that...until I realized that they were dead I can't escape those attitudes. I know all this because he interviewed at my company and I couldnt hire him because he was an English teacher living in a bar. To the Chinese producers, it's serious, but to us, it's friggin' hilarious. Things like the History Channel, PBS, National Geographic Channel, Adult Swim, the Science Channel.

Editor's Note: The popular Chinese dating show, “If You Are the One,” seems to have quite a following in Australia.

This article, translated from the Chinese media, talks about the show's popularity in Australia and why Australians like the show.

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