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"Hey George, that was a wonderful massage you gave me this afternoon", she said. I pushed the tip of my tongue between her lips and flicked it over her clit.

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They lay with their heads towards me, so they couldnt see what I was looking at. I peeked from time to time, noticing how Moms nipples grew firm.

Mother In Laws Holiday Visit Something special happened this summer.

My mother-in-law is a 51-year-old widow, her husband died a few years ago. My wife and I had grown used to swimming nude there, but of course we used our bathing suits for the occasion. We went to the room next to the sauna and undressed silently. I knew my wife's body thoroughly of course, but I was surprised at how much she resembled her mother. The two women came into the sauna and first we sat silently, enjoying the intense heat on our skin.

We had gotten out of the pool and made our way to the sauna.

‘The Pope and myself are at one on Jerusalem,’ the Turkish president states as he calls for the whole world to ‘recognize the State of Palestine’ Haaretz Feb 04, 2018 PM Turkey’s President Recep …

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