Things to know about dating

If you’re dating an INFJ woman then you are probably starting to learn more about their complexity… However, here are three things to know when you’re dating an INFJ woman to simplify our minds.Hopefully, it helps for you to better understand how we feel about you and our relationship.Being bisexual doesn’t suddenly give her the urge to cheat.Liking both men and women doesn’t make her attracted to every single person that strolls past.

Unfortunately, all of the horrors of the internet are all too present on dating apps.

Don’t focus on how many matches you are getting – focus on finding someone you genuinely connect with. And remember that every left swipe and bad experience is really just bringing you closer to a person you’ll want to swipe right on.

Dating apps are the perfect way for people our age to play the field and be as unserious as possible.

Not that it’s impossible (because I eventually have), but usually it’s harder to understand how we process how we think and act.

We rely heavily on our feelings and the way we think about our feelings to make a decision which may cause confusion.

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