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We present the best love quotes we found in the Bible, as as well as in the secular world.

We hope these help you express how love has (or can) touch(ed) your heart and soul. When love fills our heart, we can have a hard time being able to truly show how we feel, and describe that amazing feeling of being loved. With that in mind, we went to our main source (the Scriptures, of course! We collected some verses that show what love really is and what it should be. How can you deal with compulsive behaviour like this in a Christian manner?

So then, what is the real meaning of marriage for us as Christians?

The Meaning Of Marriage As Christians, we should make sure we don’t allow ungodly teaching, thinking, or acts to negatively affect us and our families.

Every year we’re amazed with the talent we see from believers who want to worship our Lord through song.

A fun activity can become harmful for you and others around you. Jim provides a clear path on properly searching for your future spouse online and how the Internet can be a great tool – or a crutch to some singles.

See how to realize you need professional help in deal with such situations.

You cannot “think” your way to stopping this behavior. You cannot “feel” your way to stopping this behavior. To change one must deal with the force behind the behavior.

(Self-image/Spirit) Christian and single and addicted to the web in trying to find a mate?

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