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While Bilan isn't gay, or has never said he is, there's been widespread speculation about his sexuality.But what really matters here is that he looks good in a towel, and that Russia's biggest-selling artist is this camp.Sweaty naked dudes whipping each other, women rubbing coffee onto each other's naked bodies (it's to boost circulation). " This is Zemfira, a musician who is massive in Russia, having sold over 3 million records.It is generally thought that Zemfira is gay and she was rumoured to be having an affair with the Russian actress Renata Litvinova.

He studied accordion and soloist in the children's choir.

Was soon made another clip - "Mulatto," shooting occurred at an abandoned grain elevator near Savelovski station.

Work on the next roller was conducted in a more comfortable environment.

Then there were children competitions, festivals, concerts - the usual stages of the path of every budding singer.

While studying in the tenth grade, the actor first visited Moscow to participate in the festival "Chunga-Changa" dedicated to children's creativity and the thirtieth anniversary of the joint activity of Yuri Entin and David Tukhmanov.

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