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This was still functioning in various ways until the year 2000. To most at UConn, Depot campus is a virtual unknown.

Although it is home to the Ballard Puppetry Institute and Museum, most k now it only as a lonely quadrangle of buildings that entices urban explorers.

Peer inside the buildings: wheelchairs sit empty in the eerie silence of abandoned halls.

Paint is peeling and signs point the way to services that no longer exist.

Supposedly it was like a UConn school cafeteria back in the day.

Just with the freezer room and a different clientele. This is one of the 85 plus buildings in the complex, which extends over about half a mile near the puppetry museum and the prison.

This was merged with the Colony of Epileptics in 1917 to become one of the largest institutions of its kind in the state.

In those days institutions were considered an effective solution to dealing with those with mental challenges.

The RA had heard such horror stories during his training, but this was his first night doing full weekend rounds. He was so exhausted he barely realized he was pounding on the door to room 206. [My RA] told me he really just needed the extra cash.

Knight Hospital, which looks like something out of a Stephen King book, or a still frame from an apocalyptic movie.

This didn’t function so much as a hospital, more of a training center like the rest of the grounds.

“The reality exists that people are going to drink.

When we call students into our office, we don’t promote or condone the practice.

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