Intimidating wife

Meanwhile, the Schwartzes were building a home of their own.

Recent transplants from upstate New York, the couple were living in temporary housing while they built their new house on the New Hampshire property.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski cut off his neighbors’ electricity, threatened to use his political clout to make the neighbors’ lives “a nightmare,” and repeatedly stood outside his home with a baseball bat in a “threatening and intimidating gesture,” those neighbors claim in a new legal filing.

In July, Lewandowski filed a million lawsuit against his Windham, New Hampshire, neighbors Glenn and Irene Schwartz, claiming they blocked his access to a path to one of his properties.

Lewandowski and the Schwartzes live next to a third property, which Lewandowski bought through an LLC called Reagan’s Rock.

Until recently, the Reagan’s Rock lot was empty except for a “small camp style dwelling.” But in spring 2015, shortly after the the Schwartzes moved in, Lewandowski offered them a “land swap” under the pretext of giving him access to the campsite, the Schwartzes allege in their countersuit.

It wasn’t until May 2017 that the Schwartzes learned of Lewandowski’s plans to build a six-car garage on the property.

Gervaise was intimidated by this strange reception and felt uneasy.

The governor, however, interfered, and the disturbers were intimidated.

There are many like myself, intimidated by fate, broken and suffering.

Their construction company had permits allowing them to run electricity lines over the Reagan’s Rock property.

But Lewandowski, who was still feuding with the couple, allegedly parked his pickup truck in the way of the power line, cutting off electricity on the Schwartzes’ construction site and in their makeshift home.

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