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If you have a large collection of certificates, then you may find the odd "discrepancy" somewhere.The image shows the column headings, with a detailed explanation for each column given below. In the first (far left) column, the entry number and General Register Office (GRO) reference are given.Column 5: Name, Surname and Maiden Name of Mother There are a few different combinations that you may see here.Much depends on the marital status and marriages prior to the birth and the accuracy of the information given. If married more than once, the entry will record the previous married and maiden names, e.g. Column 6: Occupation of Father Fairly self explanatory - the occupation of the father (if he has been named) will be given in this column.Column 4: Name and Surname of father An entry here depends on whether the parents of the child were a married couple or not.Where the parents were married to one another, the father's details had to be entered in the register and only one parent needed to sign the register - in column 7 (this may be some other informant).If the certificate is issued by a local register office, then the local entry number (not illustrated) will be recorded.

It isn't unknown for this information to be incorrect.

Where possible, the text will explain any notable variations between certificates of different dates.

Birth Certificate Heading The heading of the birth certificate will list the registration district (and any sub-district which applies) along with the county name.

If anyone wishing to come to the farm so as to explain what we have planned then please feel free to do so.

We already have 60yard barns that we are going to convert for indoor shooting.

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