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But don’t just listen to the moaners and groaners – Pattaya is still the world’s central hub of raunchy nightlife and “adult entertainment” unrivaled anywhere across the globe; a virtual “Disneyland for adults” where a man can materialize his secret dream of sexy exotic women at relatively affordable prices; not forgetting the infrastructure and general safety provided for tourists – aspects where aspiring destinations like Cambodia or the Philippines simply lag light-years behind Pattaya.Men come to Pattaya for sex – the core service that bar girls provide.

This article explores the research on specialization in general criminal offenders, domestic violence offenders, and sex offenders.

Getting a glimpse at her restores my faith in my state government.

And now, to steal the idea from T-Mobile, my top five: 5th place: Nurul Izzah Anwar. Has – quite possibly – the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen (besides mine and Greeny’s of course. Oh to be the lucky guy who gets to come home to her. My list of the hottest politicians of the female variety.

And the award for the Hottest Female Politician goes to…

But dagnamit, it she’s not one of the hottest politicians on the planet…

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    Both men's romantic dalliances were regular fodder for the gossip columns, although the similarity seems lost on Di Caprio, who marvels at the thought of Hughes in his Hollywood heyday."Imagine being a billionaire at that time and being that good-looking and being a movie producer and a shy and private guy and so charming," he says. Hughes's compulsions eventually fuelled his descent into madness in later years while Di Caprio has a firm control of his mild symptoms, and used them to good effect while portraying Hughes.