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We’ll have much more on this in an upcoming article, as we already know one person participating in the FDA clinical trials.] by Thomas J Balkany MD in The Institute for Cochlear Implant Training blog.

Although Balkany talks about how tinnitus can be generated when the basilar membrane is pierced, in fact “when CI electrodes ruptured intrascalar partitions and traversed between the scala, tinnitus had a 16% chance of being generated or becoming worse; while when electrodes did not traverse scala, tinnitus was not made worse.

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Here are pertinent questions for which you need to get answers from the surgeons and audiologists, preferably in writing on the consent forms, and other things to watch out for: First, just exactly is threading the electrode into your or your loved ones’ cochleas, anyway?

While it’s vitally important to train the next generation of CI surgeons, in fact at many programs in teaching hospitals it’s the resident, not the surgeon you believed you hired performing this delicate task.

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The information in the video is also provided in English.

If you are over 16 years or, if you are under 16 years and have received parental permission to view this information, click here to access the site.

It’s one thing to have a resident performing the “grunt work” of grinding out the pocket for the implant package and cutting the mastoid opening without nicking any nerves; however drilling the cochleostomy and threading the electrode is what separates the top surgeons from the rest, (and more on this later).

Our attitude on this is “go train your residents on someone elses’ ears.” Make sure you get this in writing on the consent form, as often in the fine print you really provide consent for the resident to perform the surgery’s actual delicate tasks, with the surgeon you think you hired “supervising;” A cochlea with a MED-EL electrode array partially inserted with lateral placement in the scala tympani.

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