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If these marks are found in one’s life, then he can be assured that his faith is genuine. As we progress through the study, students should examine their own lives to evaluate the reality of their own profession of faith.382k Word Book of Acts The Book of Acts is a bridge between the Gospel accounts and the Epistles of the NT.

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The author tried all kinds of things to amuse, entertain, and improve himself, and finally came to the conclusion that God is the only One who gives any meaning to life.

The purpose of this series is to explore the history of the Baptists and to examine the biblical distinctives that Baptists have historically affirmed.

The student should be able to understand and appreciate the theological distinctiveness of Baptists and be committed to continuing in that tradition.

Calls for unity and cooperation among the faithful grow louder by the day.

Perhaps all professing Christians should band together to stand against the rising tide of secularism and false religion.

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