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He had been picked in March 2007, months before the arrest.

During the resulting interview with the arresting officer, Craig insisted upon his innocence, disputing the officer's version of the event by stating that he merely had a "wide stance" (Craig states that he said he was a "wide guy", Despite his statements of innocence during the police interview, Craig pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct by signing and mailing a plea petition, dated August 1, 2007, to the Hennepin County District Court in Minnesota. Senator Craig signed the petition to enter his guilty plea, which contained the provisions, "I understand that the court will not accept a plea of guilty from anyone who claims to be innocent...

I believe that is true in the state of Louisiana as well." On December 16, 2005, Craig voted against a cloture motion filed relative to the USA PATRIOT Act; the motion ultimately earned only 52 votes, and so a Democratic filibuster against extension of the act (due to expire at the end of 2005) was permitted to continue.

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all the earmarks he had inserted into federal spending bills since joining the Senate Appropriations Committee in 1998.

Craig, the principal sponsor of Ag JOBS, continues to support amnesty for illegal immigrants who are "trusted workers with a significant work history in American agriculture." On June 26, 2007, Craig reiterated his support for the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007.

In October 2005, Craig suggested that flooded sections of New Orleans should be abandoned after Hurricane Katrina had hit and was quoted on a Baton Rouge television station as saying that "Fraud is in the culture of Iraqis.

The amendment failed with 53 votes (60 votes were needed because the amendment was not germane to the underlying bill).

A version of the Ag JOBS bill legislation was included in the Senate-passed immigration reform bill in 2006.

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