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After class, DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be on hand playin’ plenty of beach music for practice and social dancin’. We get back to the basics on Tuesday nights…the SHAG basics. DJ Jay Kinlaw will be in the booth after class for practice and social dancin’. Tonight, Instructor Jeppy Mc Dowell will be on hand to give you a little history on our dance and get your started with your basics.

Come on out and join Instructor Jeppy Mc Dowell for FREE BEGINNER SHAG LESSONS tonight at 7. Jeppy gives out a little bit of our state dance’s history and teaches you the beginnings of our state dance to get you started with good times on the dance floor. Whether you’re new to the shag world or you’ve been around and always watched the dancers…Now’s the time to learn our state dance and hit the dance floor. DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth after class for practice and social dancin’. You can come back as many times as you like until you’re comfortable enough to hit the dance floor or move up to more advanced lessons. Our DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth after class for practice and social dancin’.

Since we never know 100%, who’s going to participate in next course, we cannot say beforehand.

You won’t regret it and you’ll go home feelin’ good about yourself.

Dancin’ is good for the heart and soul, as well as your mind.

It’s just the beginnin’ of good times for years to come. Check out our schedule of DJs and Bands on our FACEBOOK PAGE. If you sat back last year and watched everybody else dance, now’s your chance to learn our state dance, the SHAG.FREE!

But the earlier you register, the quicker you’re off the waiting list. Once you’ve finished a module, simply register for the next one.

Look for all classes labeled as “Swing Beg” or “Swing Beginners” and simply choose the lesson time and location, that fits to you. It’s going to be at the same day and time of your completed module.

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