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There are many characteristics that make a man a great man for a woman to have by her side. Here are the 12 characteristics that, in my opinion, if you find in a male partner prove he's a keeper: If a man looks at you directly in your eyes, creating an invisible attraction that connects the two of you, then he isn't simply looking at you; he's looking into your soul.

He's trying to get a glimpse of the person that remains hidden beyond your eyes – the you that you keep to yourself and yourself alone.

More than the sexual appeal, a man who can cook often prepares more of his own meals, tends to eat healthier and tends to be healthier overall.

A healthy partner is a great partner for obvious reasons.

It also plans to identify and eliminate 1,000 primary targets - including nuclear weapons and missile launch facilities - at the same time as halting a strike from the dictatorship, reports say.

South Korean president Moon Jae-in was reportedly briefed by his Defence Ministry over the re-jigged blueprint after he instructed officials to put an offensive military plan into place.

But the so-called defensive exercises are described by analysts as "decapitation missions" to target Kim, with some saying they believe that if the leader is assassinated or captured his armed forces could surrender.

An even easier argument to make is that some men are clearly better suited for being loving partners than others. This isn't to say that they won't one day be, but every man is the wrong man for you at some point in his life or another.

It's probably the ideal composition of any man – a man who wants the stars, but understands that he may only get the moon.

Yet, he doesn't allow the realization to hinder his ambitions, nor does he allow his successes to blow up his ego.

If your man looks at you in such a way, then consider yourself a lucky woman.

There are overly-aggressive men, who try to position themselves above everybody else.

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