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To make it even worse, after the previous controversy it’s obvious Victoria knew exactly what she was doing, and the fact she’s kept these latest posts up despite an intense global backlash indicates she doesn’t seem to mind. As someone who makes millions of dollars selling merchandise to predominantly young women, she has a very serious duty of care with regard to the imagery she deploys.This photograph made me feel physically sick, and judging by the eruption of opprobrium that greeted it online, I’m far from alone in this view.This is the reason why every study on social media and advertising calls the threat to young girls’ mental health “dire”. Beckham should be ashamed promoting eating disorders,’ said Elena Westerman,‘Oh Victoria, how disappointing to see you using an emaciated model,’ wrote Jean Mc Grane, ‘not something you should be proud of and not a good example for your daughter.’I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an instantaneous and furious backlash to a modelling campaign. Victoria Beckham loves to talk about ‘empowering women’ but there’s nothing empowering about making them think this is the type of body they should covet.In fact, it is far more likely to have the complete reverse effect of crushing young women’s confidence and driving them to emergency diets.

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Beckham insisted at the time that her new collection was for women of ‘all shapes and sizes’ and defended the models, saying: ‘We know that all our girls are healthy, they’re young, they’re thin, but that doesn’t mean they’re ill.’Perhaps not.There’s also a stinking hypocrisy at play here, as Victoria’s been very vocal in her career about supposedly avoiding the use of these kind of models.In 2010, she joined the Healthy Is Beauty campaign run by the Council of Designers of America that involved designers pledging to ban skeletal models from their shows.’ mum-of-four Victoria, 43, exclaimed excitedly to tens of millions of followers on her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.‘Start the year with new frames from the Spring Summer 2018 collection inspired by 1970s retro classics and updated for a feathery-light, fresh and modern look.’ Victoria Beckham posted these photos with a 'back to work' message on her social media.

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