Designer cs not updating

I wasn't quite able to solve this issue using the instructions in Daniel's link, but I agree it seems to be a core issue with most SVN implementations in Windows, at the very least.

In order to fix my missing folder issue, my steps were: Unfortunately, the previous answers above didn't work for me.

2005 brought the new “Web Site Project” which used a “Code File” instead of “Code Behind” attribute on the page tag.

In addition, the codefile/codebehind became a Partial Class.

I've had to delete the affected directory and get latest on the parent directory to re-create the directory and it's contents.

gbjbaanb, this is definitely not a case of ignored files or switched branches.

The repository is accessed via the svn:// protocol, to a server running version 1.4.6.

It is hosted on a Windows Server 2003 machine running as a Windows service.

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Updating also results in some error (I don't know how to reproduce this so I don't know what specifically would cause this and I don't remember the exact errors).Note that if you use host headers for your sites on local dev environment, then it is necessary to add these host headers to your hosts file: Otherwise when you will try to save “Site URL”, you will see error “Remote Share Point site connections are not supported”: Hope that it will help you if you will encounter with this problem.We have occasionally had a problem with Tortoise SVN (I assume it's Tortoise and not our SVN repository), where a file will be checked in to the repository (doing a repo-browser you can see the files there), and will exist for the person who committed them, but when another person does an update, those files will not be added to the working copy.The main difference with VS2010 is that automatically generated file contains all initialization code for all elements in ascx, not just declaration of protected controls (like ASP. With this approach it is not needed to copy ascx files to Control Templates folder, because all web part code is now compiled into the assembly.With this approach it is easier to develop web parts for O365 sites.

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