Ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

They are constantly traveling and searching for what is unusual in the world.

So while some people may seek the normal, the crew of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files are traveling around the world looking for UFO’s. Maybe Ben will find ET one day, but for now you can watch “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” on the Syfy channel Wednesdays at 10/9c, to share their other finds. Check out our Facebook page and sign up for the RSS Feeds.

Let's face it: the paranormal field is one that conjures up excitement, fear, and, many times, doubt.

Whether dealing with skeptics who don't believe or scammers who try to pass off false evidence as reality, working in the paranormal field can sometimes be disheartening.

He started to document his experiences with the paranormal, and has been able to document some of the strangest phenomena in the world. Similar to his FBI filing, he writes reports, logs EVP sessions and is hands-on with his work.

Ben’s natural curiosity and love of the film ET sparked his interest. They choose various locations for the shows, ones that are never the same, but do have to get approval for some of the bigger, complicated experiments.

Ben’s dream case is to see a Loch Ness Monster or new monsters. There have been sightings and a few photos worth looking into of several different Loch Ness Monsters, but Jael and Ben are certified divers and would have no problem jumping in the water.

The cases take a lot of time, and Ben and Jael work hard at finding the locations, making sure the witnesses are credible, and digging for evidence that can be presented on the show.

The paranormal world has a fairly good following now, and Ben is covering as much as he possibly can.

"Interdimensional beings" is another subject that has caught Hansen's interest.

"They're creatures that appear to be solid but can manipulate their environment," Hansen said.

Hansen said "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" hasn't been picked back up by the network, but he has been busy with other projects including "UFOs Declassified" which airs on History Canada, and will appear at several upcoming conventions including the UFO Congress in Arizona and Prepper Con in Utah.

To hear the full interview with Hansen on Paradelphia, go to i Tunes and search Paradelphia, or download the app for i Phone or Android.

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