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We will certainly miss him, but as a retired person myself, I can also share his excitement to begin a new chapter in his life.”Autry became superintendent on July 1, 2012, replacing Samuel King, who left Rockdale County Public Schools to become superintendent of Norfolk Public Schools in Norfolk, Va.

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Northam’s margin is more than twice as wide as the margin Hillary Clinton won those voters by last year, 50 percent to 44 percent.Republican Ed Gillespie could not escape Trump’s unpopularity, despite his best efforts to thread the needle.Four in 10 Virginia voters yesterday approved of the job that the president is doing, according to preliminary exit polls.Gillespie received over 9 in 10 votes from Trump approvers, but among the larger group of Trump disapprovers, Northam had nearly as large an advantage: 87 percent.Trump’s impact on the race was also clear from other questions in the exit polling: 34 percent of voters said expressing opposition to Trump was a reason for their vote, with almost all of this group favoring Northam, per our in-house pollster Scott Clement.

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