Carbon dating and its application in archeology

A freshly killed seal at Mc Murdo Sound, Antarctica, yielded a death age of 1300 years ago.

A petrified miner’s hat and wooden fence posts were unearthed from an abandoned 19th century gold hunter’s town in Australia’s outback.

Thirdly, the environment in which the artefact lies heavily impacts on the rate of decay.

For example, C14 leaches at an accelerated rate from organic material saturated in water, especially saline water.

Results from radiocarbon dating said that they were 6000 years old.

The stable C12 and C13, and the unstable or radioactive Carbon 14. Only one C14 atom exists for every one trillion C12 atoms.

With isotopic enrichment and larger sample sizes, ages up to 75,000 years have been measured (Taylor ).

Radiocarbon measurements can be obtained on a wide spectrum of carbon-containing samples including charcoal, wood, marine shell, and bone.

c14 dating is a joke, and forms part of the scientism cartel and to challenge this cartel is to incur the wrath of new fangled shamanic science priests the length and breadth of the land.

My favourite quote of all time from max planck theoretical physicist, “Science progresses funeral by funeral.” How true that is.

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