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While you're usually all about female empowerment, you're not wearing the right shoes to chase him down the street to exchange numbers, or you know, tell him he's The One?

Dejected, you can't help but think Mr Right is now untraceable - there goes your happy ever after.

This is the place for local chat in the Republic of Ireland.

Please be aware that these boards are open to public viewing so do take care when sharing personal details - we do have a private messaging system which can be used for this purpose.

Basically if you're looking for another guy that is, all you have to do is pm me, ask me for my phone number... Always find it facinating when a guy backs away when another guy is involved...

I have a sneaking suspicion that i know who our guest is, but i'm saying nothing. Am I totally weird in the fact that I wouldn't mind having a threesome with a girl and another guy?

Download the app, create a profile, upload some fabulous pictures, write an equally impressive bio and voila.

But of course, not all dating apps are created equal; which is why we've turned to dating coach and relationship expert David Kavanagh as well as our in-house serial dater to give us their verdict on the apps that deserve to take up space on your home screen.

thats not to say that i am not a little nervous tho...while i think it could be a fun experience, i realise that it could also be a bad one.

we decided that we would have it with someone neither of us knew, as involving a friend or acquaintance (even if they were up for it!!

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