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UPDATE: Von feministischer Seite wurde und wird immer wieder eingewendet, dass die hier aufgeführten Studien keinerlei wissenschaftliche Relevanz hätten.

Nachstehend möchte ich den H-Index und das SJR-Ranking (2016) für die wichtigsten, hier angeführten Fachzeitschriften angeben.

Data are from a sample of 1,371 students attending New York City public middle schools.

Sexual violence has been increasingly recognized as a social, rather than strictly individual or family, problem.

Unfortunately, providers and policymakers remain divided on the scope and causes of sexual violence, which limits their capacity to develop theory- and evidence-based responses.

A large body of research clearly indicates that men are victims of intimate partner violence (IPV).

However, in Portugal, the phenomenon of male victims of IPV remains hidden and is not a target of research, public policy, or social attention.

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