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You can even run a test at the page level so you run one routine and loop through every control to make sure it is true and correct.

As you develop your own quality tests you will probably notice there are many similar scenarios across projects and in fact you can use the This Event object to help generalize/repurpose scripts but you’ll have to wait for another blog to learn about that.

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This means that when the user presses OK on the form, it will check the value to see if it has a blank entry and if it does, an alert will pop up and keep the form open to amend. Each editable mask position, representing a required or optional input, is shown with a single prompt character. Auto Dispatch)]public class Masked Text Box : Text Box Base The Masked Text Box class is an enhanced Text Box control that supports a declarative syntax for accepting or rejecting user input. Mask property, you can specify the following input without writing any custom validation logic in your application: When a Masked Text Box control is displayed at run time, it represents the mask as a series of prompt characters and optional literal characters.This could mean that every potential data field needs its validity to be checked and this is where Arc Pad steps in.Using a geodatabase you can build a schema to help with particular constraints such as subtypes, domains (both coded and ranges) and unique values; however within the tools of Arc Pad you could build the intelligence of: The This Event.

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