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City officials are fighting back in an attempt to prevent sexual exploitation from destroying a generation. By Rainier Allan Ronda (The Philippine Star) MANILA, Philippines – The government will require Internet service providers (ISPs) and telecommunication companies to install software to monitor and filter out cyber-pornography sites and content.Speaking at a “Child Abuse and Exploitation in Cyber Space” forum, Samuel Sabile, National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) networks and facilities division officer-in-charge, said […] Read More...Maybe, they say, they won't have to come back, or at least so soon.The Catholic Church urges ‘natural family planning’ and says it has 98 percent effectiveness.Tens of thousands of paedophiles are using the so-called dark net to trade images of sexual abuse, an investigation by BBC News indicates.One site receives as many as 500 page views per second, its founder says. By Kate Mc Geown BBC News, Olongapo City, the Philippines Kim and Maricel (not their real names) Kim and Maricel were forced to work as cybersex chat girls in the city of Olongapo Maricel is a shy, attractive girl, who looks younger than her 15 years.

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That’s what happened to the community of General Mac Arthur, in the Philippines, and its fate holds a lesson for coastal communities around the world.

But in her short life, she has already had to deal […] Read More... Teenager tells cops of stripping for web sex chat that turns into extortion Kenneth Foo Thursday, May 03, 2012 A 19-year-old student stripped naked during a cyber chat with a young woman who then threatened to upload his pictures on the internet if he did not cough up HK,000. BBC News 2 May ,2014 Police in the Philippines say they have arrested dozens of suspects linked to an on-line blackmail syndicate.

The suspects persuaded people in foreign countries to expose themselves in front of web-cams or send explicit material, police said.

The United States was among the first foreign nations to move in to help the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan's devastation.

The US has long had close, though not always happy, ties with the island nation.

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