Who is cheetah girl adrienne bailon dating

Her groom was dressed in a black tuxedo, white bowtie, and wore a white floral boutonniere.

While some of the were not present, fellow Cheetah Sabrina Bryan made an appearance — and as a bridesmaid, no less!

So many years later, Adrienne Bailon is STILL talking about Rob Kardashian.

movies, dished about the future of the DCOM franchise.

In addition to to the forever tattoo of his name on her butt, former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon claims Rob Kardashian has left a lasting, negative mark on her career.

After all, she has a new talk show, "The Real," to promote and according to past pattern, she's down to name-drop the Kardashians to get some press.

The last film came out in 2008, meaning it's been nearly 10 years since we've seen the Cheetah Girls on our TV screens.

"I think it'd be awesome," Adrienne gushed when talking about a reboot.

The Kardashian (k)linger has made a plethora of other regrettable decisions.

From impulsive body art to one too many Disney Channel Original Movies, I present the indisputable evidence that Adrienne Bailon’s career is damaged far beyond being “stuck with that Kardashian label.” Here are 14 reasons why she's her own worst enemy:1.

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