Dating a non animal lover

She is getting used to wearing a harness but is enjoying running in the yard when it isn't so cold. " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Reba "I adopted Reba in September. She loves to cuddle, go for car rides, walking, hiking and playing in the snow! " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Boomer "Dear OSCAR, Its been over 4 years since we adopted Boomer. She is a great addition to the family." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Winston "We came and rescued Winston on May 13, 2017 and just want to show you how well he is doing. He is going to socialization classes that he so enjoys. Thank you for all you do." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Scooter "Scooter just wanted to wish everyone at O. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to adopt such a great dog! Mazzy is great on the leash and loves walking through the old farm roads too. I can't imagine life without her now." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* December 2017: Achilles & Lucy (Devin & Kennedy) "Achilles, who recently joined Lucy, has made our family complete." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* December 2017: Max, brown & white pup (Jarvis) "Just wanted to thank you and everyone at OSCAR for your heroic work. Life is good." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* December 2017: Marty (Scampi) "Hi Everyone at O. He looks tracking all different types of animals especially deer. He loves my 7 year old daughter and sleeps along side her every night. She wasn't very happy wearing it for a picture but she loved her birthday biscuit afterwards. We have an odd sensation that we are being followed... Maddie is by far the most loving dog we have ever had. Just wanted to give you a little update, and also say thank you to you and all of your fellow rescue volunteers! Here are a few pictures over the last couple of months." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Cody "Merry Christmas from Cody! " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Cooper (Pierre) "Its been almost exactly one year since we adopted Cooper. By the way, our vet believes he is a pure bred collie. She has adapted very quickly and is a quick learner. We love the big goof so much and he has truly completed our furry little family. Our neighborhood is very dog friendly and an old pool area has been made into a fenced field. He loves running around his big backyard and going on long walks around his neighborhood and at various parks around town. " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* November 2017: Kelsey "Hi OSCAR, Kelsey was 4 on Saturday - here she is in her birthday hat.We are completely in love with him and hes been spoiled already...of play time..of exercise and cuddles. " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* October 2017: Clover "We had an AWESOME first day!!!!Clover is such a happy pup and the perfect addition to our family!!!! Thank you ALL for the love and support to Clover that made this all possible!!He is adorable and Loves his new home and dog siblings. All eyes were on Luna Belle as we rode around town. Luna Belle had her first grooming, she looks like a little white schnauzer now." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* October 2017: Neco "This was Neco as a baby when I adopted him from OSCAR. Now that we've had Trooper for a bit, I thought you'd like to see some photos.Thought you would appreciate the picture - Aleta and Murph will give him so much love (and he certainly deserves it) ! Luna Belle and her brother Bennie came to breakfast with us on the pet friendly patio at The Chatterbox, they both enjoyed a nice cold ice-pup. Here he is with me at Spotted Dog in the play room and with one of my daughters, who drove all the way home from Rochester, to meet him. is always happy to receive photos and stories of pets adopted through our rescue. I am in love with this little girl what a baby doll!!! " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Lilly "Just sending a little Hello from Lilly! " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Andy (Fenwick) "Hi. He's sleeping on the couch now with Emma, our other dog. Actually, he's a little busy body." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Piper (Kizmit) Piper, content and snuggly in her new home.

You are all awesome and deserve many great things for all that you do for dogs like me. " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Ethel (Vada) "Ethel just wanted to wish all of her OSCAR friends a very happy holiday season! Thanks again for helping us add Xena to our home." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Frankie (Marsten) "Just wanted to send a pic to add to your happy tails Christmas collections. Hes wearing his Santa bandana with his stocking hanging behind him. " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Nash (Little Bear) "This is Nash aka little bear(not so little anymore). " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Bear - the big guy (Buddy) "I just wanted to wish OSCAR a Merry Christmas and give you an update. Barkbox is a new monthly joy in our home and she even learned how to open the box haha. Its been 2 years since we rescued him and every day we love him even more! They both have lots of puppiness in them and they play and romp non-stop. " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* February 2018: Dillon (Kramer) "Hello all you wonderful OSCAR crew!!Thanks again for bringing him into our lives." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* December 2017: Mazzy (Mia) "Greetings wonderful volunteers! You had named him Ralphie which was a great name, We did change his name to Remington. He gets along well with his "sister" Katie and I am grateful for that. Thank you to everyone at OSCAR that gave me the chance to get my new family. " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Oakland "Oakie - Day 2" *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Stella "Merry Christmas From Stella and her buddies!!! They're also quite happy to clean up any spilled formula. Just wanted to give you a quick update on our handsome boy, Mason. ), one human sister, a feline brother and sister, and of course her new Mom & Dad. When shes not being a couch potato with her siblings, Roo is a real her utlimate BFF is Beau, our German Shepherd, who is about the same age of one year. Seeing these pets with their new loving families is exactly why we do what we do. My new family wants to socialize me with other dogs and people as much as possible. Just for a checkup (my new family isn't telling me that I have to get two shots then). " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Watson (Dexter) "Hi! " *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* January 2018: Xena (Darla) "Hi, Xena and her brother Ty play constantly and are protective of their new baby brother. Thank you so much for connecting us with this little lover! Just wait until we get our holidays cards out haha" *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* December 2017: Mason (Joe) "Hi OSCAR! Please tell her foster mom that she is in good hands. We named her after Taveuni Island, Fiji, where we went on our honeymoon. She loves going on hikes, playing fetch in the yard, chewing her antlers, and cuddling! We couldn't be more happy to have this addition to our family." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* November 2017: Roxy (Foxy) "Here is Roxy, adopted 5 years ago. Seen here cuddling with her partner in crime, Emmy, who rudely perches on her back." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* November 2017: Gizmo (Nellie) Hi everyone!! As you can see from these pics, Roo absolutely LOVES her new brothers and sisters. Roo now has two canine brothers, one canine sister (who looks like her twin!

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