Dating questiosn

She came and we had a nice weekend (although I heard some of the bad attitude, I looked the other way).

When she got back home, she texted me reminding me that I never gave her travel money.

Last night, my mother mentioned that she gave Nancy money before she left for traveling home for the weekend. She is a very honest, kind person and it hurt to feel like now she is becoming someone who would essentially steal from her own family.

About a week ago, I let Nancy know that if she could come home for the weekend, I’d be happy to give her money to cover her costs.If you want to see her, go visit her instead of giving her money to come see you.Invest time rather than money in maintaining a relationship and you may see things improve.Nancy didn’t appreciate this and it ever so slightly strained our relationship.Then, seemingly out of the blue, he dumped her, we immediately flew up to where she was living to console her, she became enlightened about what a jerk he was, told me she agreed with everything we’d said about him and couldn’t believe she never saw it herself. Well, a few months pass, and Nancy meets a new fellow, Ed.

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    I am now 22 years old, and I have had five different girlfriends over the years and had crushes on many others.

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