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Ce Ce and Rocky are horrified when they discover that a fire burned down the Shake It Up, Chicago! Since Ce Ce was the last one on the set and left her curling iron plugged in before they left for Japan, she believes she is the culprit. Meanwhile, Gary is depressed because he is jobless, so Ty convinces Deuce to hire him at Crusty's Pizza.

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Starting this season, Kenton Duty was no longer a main cast member and departures the series.Plus, Ty gets incredibly mad at Deuce because he drew a mustache on his face with permanent marker.Also, Flynn asks Jeremy to speak at Career Day instead of Georgia, which makes her upset.Jeremy has a son, Logan (Leo Howard) who clashes with Ce Ce, but becomes a love interest of Rocky.At the Jones/Hunter wedding, Georgia and Jeremy break up at the altar and Rocky and Logan start dating.

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