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My neighbor asked me to help her move some boxes to the garage, because her husband was at work. She looked back and looked at me and she said, “Why don't pull down my pants and fuck me from behind.” I picked her up and spread her legs over the table and quickly pulled her pants down. He was the farm boy and I was the fairy princess, so you could imagine neither family accepted the other. We sat around for a little while but couldn't take it anymore. We told her friends we were going for a walk, which was far from the truth.She was tall with straight blond hair and a fair complexion, and I always had this crush on her. I had gone to see him one day at the barn where he worked. It started at as a bit of kissing and some occasional teasing but other than that everything was pretty low key. He was cleaning the stalls after he had put the horses out to pasture. Suddenly we were playing around, and in a moment I was on the ground and he was on top of me. We walked over to the school across the road, and started fondling each other.

After a month or so, we finally decided to meet, on the terms that it would be strictly sex. He sat down on the side of the bed and I pulled his engorged throbbing cock from his pants. Finally, he had had enough and threw me down on the bed, tearing my clothes off.

Then we both got down and rolled on the carpet of the office. I thrust my penis into her pussy and started pumping. I held it back, and grabbed her hair with both hands.

It went on for 10 minutes: slow, fast, slow, fast - then the climax. I pushed her head up and down on my cock and she took her mouth off my cock and jumped on top of me.

I sucked on his cock until he came all over my face and tits.

We lay together all night naked in my tiny dorm bed.

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