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To me land reform is one of the best things that has happened to me. Penny, a black Zimbabwean farmer “I used to think that I was in business selling bananas. Unfortunately, I think land reform came a bit late: when I was getting old.

Because if I was young I would have reached the sky.” Female farmers Spiwe is one of thousands of female farmers, who have benefited from the land redistribution, as part of the empowerment of women. If you hear someone saying farming isn’t good is lazy.

The land of Zimbabwe is beautiful, rich, fertile and the country’s lifeline.

For decades, battles have been fought on the land and for the land. Several thousand white farmers dominated the country’s agriculture. The land of Zimbabwe is beautiful, rich, fertile and the country’s lifeline.

Soon after the land reform was introduced in 2000, he applied and was allocated a farm.

Now he’s a big boss, making big money from tobacco. the busy time up to 120,” he told me as he inspected his staff working on the production line.

Four years later, he applied for a bigger plot and was subsequently given a 110-hectare farm.

So I would rather have something to come back to; a strong base here in Zimbabwe, which is where my home is.” Black Zimbabweans felt the country was not fully independent without the land reform. Spiwe said: “Never ever this country will go back to the white people. There are only those few people, those lazy people who want this country to go back to the white people.There’s no secret that 3-4 million people living in South Africa. Why they are living there if this is a success story.Why we importing food 14 years; this is the 15th year will be importing food on a consecutive basis. It’s not working.” For the black majority however, it’s working. With lots of cash from tobacco, Percy has invested in property; purchasing several houses in Harare.I know the guy who used to live here, used to grow about 30 hectares of tobacco.I’m growing 60 and equally as professional, as him.” At the beginning of the land reform, people doubted whether black farmers like Percy would be as successful as white farmers.

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