Rob dyrdek dating game dating no credit card required

So I gave in to the peer pressure and moseyed my ass up to that bar to order a drink.I am not an actress… but I was certainly trying to act cool.

Welp, there goes my chances of my fairytale ever becoming a reality-television-tale.

But we’re talking about someone in the spotlight… he has more vaginas laced with hot bodies being thrown at him than balls at a batting cage.

He could have a harem of models that serve coffee during the day, and the working models.

A guy hadn’t threatened my cool confidence like that since in sixth grade when one of the cool guys asked me out as a joke just to see if I’d say yes, and then laughed in my face when I did.

Either he didn’t notice I just spit on him or, he’s that much of a gentleman to pretend not to notice. He responded generically to my generic question, “ A cucumber margarita.” Sometimes, my body lacks the filter that seperates thoughts between the mouth and the mind.

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