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In America at least, race and geography combine to be a strong determinant of culture but of course it's not automatic by any means.

Physically, you're under no obligation to have an attraction or aversion to any feature for dating purposes; it's a very personal thing.

Thus, it encourages us to always challenge our beliefs, think in tolerance, and respect each individual’s path.

We all have the freedom to chose to travel this world with an open mind or a with closed mentality.

Arielle Loren is a writer and filmmaker that offers real-life commentary on women’s issues, sexuality, health, and travel.

She is the Editor-in-Chief of Corset Magazine, the “go-to magazine for all things sexuality.” Check her out on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @Arielle Loren, and visit her personal site.

Culture compatibility is another matter, but race doesn't create that on its own.

My wife is black (like me) and British (not like me), and we experience cultural differences all the time, though our mutual openness and respect for each other's cultures gets us through.

Sex-positivity recognizes that sex and sexuality are intricate and complex human experiences.I am a "sex-positive" Black woman, and I believe that the sexual empowerment of Black women is essential.Sex-positivity is a movement that celebrates consensual, safer sex and the multiple facets of human sexuality as natural, empowering experiences.Here are a few key things to understand about this way of thinking: Black women are capable of transforming Black communities, and assisting the rest of humanity in growing toward respect for sexual autonomy and freedom.Through sex-positivity, there’s hope for our sisters, aunts, mothers, and girlfriends to be empowered in their desires, openness, and ever-evolving beliefs.

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