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Her grave is visited periodically by the the Somers Isles chapter and other visiting members of the Daughters of the American Revolution.1801.

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The portraits passed through the hands of descendents of Samuel Trott before being purchased by Hereward Trott Watlington, who donated them back to the Bermudian government.

"During the long winter of our slothful discontent at Bermuda, caused by the Peace of Amiens, the officers and young gentlemen of the flagship...

were constantly flitting away among the cedar groves and orange plantations of these fairy isles."1802. Death in Bermuda of John Green, born about 1780, he was a portrait painter who later became a judge.

He does not appear to have remained in England long, and was likely back in Bermuda within the year.

Green seems to have given up painting when his Bermudian wife inherited a house from her stepmother.

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