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I learned that day that as a leader you have to make hard decisions – decisions that can affect people’s livelihoods. It has stuck with me through every succeeding job to where I am today. Most simply, I am a confidant to those whom I mentor. As a consequence, we’ve grown accustom to trends like speed dating, speed consulting and even speed mentoring. I always remember what one of my closest mentors once told me.I am someone with whom they can share their career aspirations as well as their frustrations. When it comes to mentoring, I think this trend is an unfortunate by-product of our growing time constraints. He said: “Dave, you get many chances to get it right with your career, but you only get one chance to get it right with your kids.” In effect, he was telling me that getting it right outside the workplace was more important than getting it right inside the workplace.His team is responsible for Chevron’s communications strategies and activities, including media relations, employee communications, executive communications, issues management and litigation communications, as well as corporate marketing, Dave is this year’s recipient of The Plank Center’s “Milestones in Mentoring” Corporate Award, which recognizes corporate communication professionals for mentorship.

During my weekly meeting with the CEO, the topic of this individual came up.

While I wish I could say I possessed the same quality, it still remains an aspiration.

BTW, John is a past recipient of the Plank Center Award.

Dave Plank, Director of National Business Development Dave Plank has been a member of the Visiting Angels Corporate Team since 2005, and is responsible for national advertising and management of regional cooperative advertising programs.

Dave has built the Visiting Angels Family Advantages Program, as well as the preferred vendor partnerships.

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