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If the switched item is going to be on the same circuit, then how you proceed depends on whether the switched item should be GFCI-protected or not.

If protected, its switch's remaining black would attach somehow to the Load hot terminal. The switched item's neutral should attach to the corresponding neutral terminal: Load or Line.

The police file, which runs to 7,000 pages, vividly illustrates the terror that came to the Connecticut community a year ago this month and includes the heartbreaking interviews with the children who survived the horrific attack which left 20 children and six teachers dead.

Police were careful when interviewing the children, only meeting them if their parents requested it.

When you are purposely resetting (to restore power) or testing (to cut off power) a GFCI, you will need to look hard for the little letters etched in the buttons to know which one to push. It is unrealistic for a homeowner to be expected to know where all the GFCIs are in a home, or to know which other normal outlets will be dead from the tripping of a given GFCI outlet. The search to find all possible GFIs needs to be persistent and thorough.

Still, if you have an outage of the receptacles in one of the rooms mentioned above, it may help to look for GFCI outlets in all of those areas and to reset them all. It may be that the bathroom and outdoor outlets are dead from a GFI in the garage that is never used itself, because it is behind a pile of storage boxes. That means pushing the test button, seeing that the reset has popped out, seeing that nothing will run using the outlet at that point, and then pushing the reset.

This is because the device can't tell the difference between a human body and a wire or a pipe or water.

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In this diagram the GFCI to the left is hooked up so as to sense and protect other outlets besides itself. S., and in some respects in Canada, GFCIs have been required since 1973 to protect more and more locations in new homes. This does not mean that each location requiring such protection has to have its own GFCI device.The one to the right is connected so as to pass normal power (no GFCI protection) on to other outlets. One device will usually be protecting several normal-looking outlets downstream from it.So if outlets have gone dead in , there is a very good chance that a GFCI somewhere has tripped off. Understand that 99% of the time GFCIs save us by not letting us have their electricity in the first place.Recent GFCI design requirements seem to be making the test button unnecessary: new GFCIs must fail to deliver power if the GFCI becomes incapable of reacting properly to faults. Of course, they can fail in other ways, as when they WON'T run things. Above all, DON'T THINK THE GFCI IS DEFECTIVE WHEN IT KEEPS TRIPPING or will not let itself be reset.I have come across only two cases of defective tripping.

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