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Amazingly, this makes Basement purer than most of these popternative releases, for it fakes neither its immaturity nor its intent to make the notion rock.

"You and your friends are dense/You don't make any sense," "It's so frustrating/You're not the type that I should be dating" -- the lines are pulled straight from Sweetnam's text message box, cleaned up with Pro Tools and auto-tuning, and promptly matched to gargantuan sugar-rock guitars. Add an opportunistic, soundtrack-ready cover of Blondie's "Heart of Glass," fill out Robertson and Sweetnam's songs with a few professionally crafted rockers in the theme of the album (opener "Number One" is gender-opposite, just-as-cocky Sum 41), and suddenly Amanda Bynes is signing on to star. It remixes every impulse and daydream from the eighth through the 12th grades; it's what youth would sound like if every teenager had a production team.

In 2003, Sweetnam worked with Canadian producer and instrumentalist James Robertson on what would later become Noise from the Basement, her Capitol Records/EMI debut.

The single "Billy S." appeared in July 2003 on the soundtrack to the movie How to Deal and quickly took off in Canada.

Sweetnam supported the single with a tour of summer camps.

She also began downplaying the comparisons to Avril Lavigne to whoever would listen, though the reference seemed valid based on their similar upbringing and sculpted, rock-based sound.

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She secures the complicated conch Fefe Dobson so briefly held with 13 songs about one thing, which is nicely summarized in the utterly inescapable hook to "Billy S." "Feel for once what it's like to rebel now," she says, and chases it with a 21st century twist on the Bard's phrasing: "To skip or not to skip/That is the question." Noise from the Basement doesn't dwell on weighty emotions, or prop its centerpiece up in entirely unrealistically sexy situations.Now known by the stage name Sever, she is currently the lead singer of the band Sumo Cyco. Along with her sister, Aurora, and her brother, Cam, she was born and raised in Bolton, a community in Caledon, Ontario, where she studied dancing and singing from a young age.She began singing at the age of five, performing for family members and friends.This album is a good representation of that year, not necessarily when I was 14, just all the cool experiences I’ve had and what I have gone through. Pizza toppings: Chicken, hot peppers and lots of cheese.Skye Alexandra Sweetnam (born May 5, 1988) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, actress, and music video director.

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