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Be prepared to talk to your child about possible exposure before it happens and after it happens.The teen creator of Chatroulette, a video chat site that recently has taken the Internet by storm, has implemented a new safety feature designed to shield youngsters from other users' inappropriate behaviors. Chatroulette users can now click on a "Report inappropriate video" link to notify the site's creator, 17-year old Andrey Ternovskiy from Moscow, Russia, of objectionable content.Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a young man who introduced me to yet another way in which people can be exposed to child pornography.The normal routes for exposure are through peer to peer file sharing programs or TOR sites.Unexpected exposure to child pornography could be even more damaging to a child.

As my therapy practice continues to be comprised of more and more child pornography offenders, I continue to seek ways to prevent others from becoming exposed to or involved with child pornography.

Users may click "Next" at any time to exit the session and proceed to the next pairing.

But even a glimpse may be overwhelming for some users.

An even bigger concern is that a young person who is using this app may be exposed to this imagery as well.

Even if the images are traumatic for an adult to watch, we can make more sense of them than a child can.

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