Refresh live updating smart playlist

I listen often to the curated Apple music playlists and add some of them to My Music.

Once added those are available through all devices (i Phone, i Pad, PC) over My Music in the Apple Music app or i Tunes.

You'll have to connect your Apple Watch to a charger for the playlist to automatically sync wirelessly.

You'll only need to create one rule: Under the first drop-down menu, choose Date Added.In the Sonos app only playlist, which I had at the time of adding the service, are showing up. Did anybody else experience the problem / is this a know issue?Cheers, Roland If your Apple Music playlist(s) isn't showing up or not updating please follow the steps below.And under the second drop-down menu, choose in the last, then type the appropriate number of days/weeks/months that you want your Smart Playlist to apply to.We're regularly adding music to our digital collection, so for us 365 days was more than enough to ensure we'd always have more than 2 gigabytes of music available.

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