Dating talon zippers

Though the first ideas for the modern zipper were patented in the mid-19th century, its roots can be traced all the way back to Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine, who patented an "Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure" back in 1851.

Wide use of zippers as a fashion tool did not appear until the era following World War I.

Talon was the first zipper manufacturing company, and flourished through the 1960s when it is estimated that seven out of every 10 zippers were Talon zippers [New York Times 12/7/1981].

Its decline began with Textron's acquisition and by 1981 its market share had fallen to 35% as a Japanese company, YKK, was able to produce zippers more cheaply.

By the time I started sewing in the mid to late 1960s, all the bugs had been worked out of the nylon coil, and I had no trust issues.

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Other early names included the Automatic Hook and Eye Company, and the Hookless Fastener Company.

But in 1972 I was a thriving sewer, like the young woman in the ad.

If people think that DIY is a new phenomena, then they do not know the 70s.

Sundback was a Swedish-American electrical engineer and essentially the father of the zipper we see today.

After ingratiating himself with the company through his good skills (and by marrying the plant manager’s daughter), Sundback devoted himself to improving the fastener.

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