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We could then create a method in the Business Logic Layer to use this DAL method and invoke this BLL method through the Presentation Layer, and everything would work wonderfully.That is, until the next time we configured the Table Adapter through the Table Adapter Configuration wizard.Create an event handler for the Details View s File Upload control from the Details View s templates. As in Step 6, let s use the uploaded picture s file extension to ascertain its type.Then, if a brochure has been uploaded, the uploaded file s extension is examined. PDF, then a warning is displayed, the insert is cancelled, and the execution of the event handler ends. The file s binary content would need to be programmatically examined in order to more conclusively verify the file type. While the column, all categories currently have a picture.After clicking the Insert button, the page will postback and a new record will be added to the table with the uploaded image s binary contents stored directly in the database.The Grid View is updated and shows a row for the newly added category, but, as Figure 10 shows, the new category s picture is not rendered correctly.Upon adding a new category in the Details View, the Grid View beneath it will automatically refresh and display the new category.

Let s add a Details View control to this page above the Grid View that will permanently render its inserting interface, allowing a user to quickly add a new category.Since there are now both bitmaps with OLE headers and JPGs in the so that it does the OLE header stripping for the original eight categories and bypasses this stripping for the newer category records.In our next tutorial we'll examine how to update an existing record s image, and we'll update all of the old category pictures so that they are JPGs.This tutorial shows how to create a Web interface that allows the user to both enter text data and upload binary files.To illustrate the options available to store binary data, one file will be saved in the database while the other is stored in the file system.

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