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) but many find sex slows down and even grinds to a halt during this time.Much to nobody’s surprise, there is a noticeable lack of data in this area.There is a huge link between body, mind and spirit.You can take that concept and double it during pregnancy.So to avoid all that, here's a list of things every partner of a pregnant woman should never, ever say.Feel free to print it out and hang it on the fridge until your little one's arrival.And lots of guys also find it hard to square up sexual desire and motherhood.

There is no evidence for this but it’s a niggling fear some women can’t shake.

Lots of non-hormonal factors can have a huge impact: FEELING TIRED Pregnancy and feeling tired are inextricably linked especially in the first and third trimesters.

If you’re falling asleep the second your head hits the pillow, you won’t be up for much action in the bedroom!

YOUR RELATIONSHIP Work by a researcher called Bancroft found that the best predictors of sexual dissatisfaction in women, pregnant or not, weren’t anything to do with the physiological factors.

It was your degree of emotional happiness and satisfaction with your partner that held the key. If everyone is happy and not having much sex isn’t causing anyone any distress, I’d argue you don’t have to do anything.

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